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9 Aug

Gotye’s new album, Making Mirrors, will be dropping in less than two weeks. I’m excited to hear what new depths his artistry has gone. On another note, I’d be more than happy if Kimbra replaced Katy Perry’s entire existence. Here’s “Somebody That I Used to Know.”

and for added pleasure, Kimbra’s “Settle Down.”



6 May

I felt the need the other day to “e-hassle” or rather, chastise someone on the internet for talking shit on Hunx. Then I remembered when Hunx was talking shit on Smith Westerns, for pretty much no reason. Bands do enough shit talking themselves, so why should I care? It’s like when people get mad at others for bringing down their favorite sports team. To be honest, though, I got more annoyed by this person using the term “hipster” in their insult. What is this, 2001? Seriously? At least get creative. But, then again, if people weren’t senselessly calling each other names, we wouldn’t have the modern-day treasure which is Hipster Runoff.


Check out my hipster ride. It was too cold for my Schwinn, so I decided to rev this baby up!

If you follow a pop culture trend, or support some sort of independent music scene, or like bands outside of the mainstream, or buy records from the “cool” part of town, or–god forbid–just ain’t down with The Man…hey, chances are that you have some “hipster” in you. Do you like Reggie Watts? You’re a hipster. Hipsters are just rife with satirical talents. Many hipsters watch Conan, The Daily Show, Cartoon Network, ad nauseum. Many hipsters like well-fitted jeans. Sometimes hipsters wear sunglasses reminiscent of 50s styles. No, Jared. I can’t buy those Ray Bans (that I love so much) because I might be construed as a hipster. Tracy, I realize those are Brooks Brothers frames, but the hipster next door wears a style similar to these and I just cannot be confused as one of his kind. If you don’t want to be mistaken for a hipster, might as well never wear scarves, plaid, well fitting jeans, Vans, beanies, and a whole host of other things.

In any case, the person in question plays in a pretty great-sounding band. Although, I can’t get over how Snyder sounds eerily like Caleb Followill or Jon Fratelli (although neither of them seem to do as good of a falsetto). Actually, I’m pretty sure he sounds like some other dude (see: “I know I wasn’t there/but I want to take you back” in Ride Coach), but I don’t listen to music as often as I used to. Thus, my references are hazy. I used to be able to match guitar riffs up even if they were in a different pitch. Fun ability for someone with very little musical talent, but potentially embarrassing for the songwriters caught in the act. Now I just blog.

Ok time for some tunes:

Just kidding:

1,2,3 – Riding Coach & Work

in other news…

8 May

Watching the Stanley Cup games lately has been one of the few things keeping me excited about being alive nowadays, so I was really excited to watch this recent press conference with Matt Cooke and Jordan Staal:

Off-Day, May 7th: Matt Cooke & Jordan Staal

It’s hard to believe that a few of these guys are my age sometimes. Watching them play such a fast-paced and physical sport week after week is really inspiring and makes me want to go out and do something, carpe diem or some shit, mon. Seriously, if you’re ever feeling depressed–watch a Penguins game. Put some vigor back into your bones. And thankfully, none of these players are ingracious misogynistic bastards (see: ben roethlisberger). This is something I can stand behind–fucking honorable samurais on ice.

I invest all the power of my curls in a victory tonight. GO PENS!

Battle of the Singles

13 Apr

Finally watched the new We Are Scientists video for “Rules Don’t Stop Me”, their first single off upcoming album Barbara, which is slated to come out in June. I have a special love for WAS, a four year long adventure, and obviously I’m terribly excited for this new album to drop. However, I couldn’t but HELP comparing which album I’d be more excited for–theirs, or Rooney’s. Oh god. I watched the Rooney behind-the-scenes video for their single “I Can’t Get Enough”, for the first time today as well. Having heard the single (umm, how could I say no to an autographed CD?), I’d say it’s such a great little summer ditty in the same vein as “When Did Your Heart Go Missing?” but with a heavier dose of pop and a little more retro in feel, and finally–with HAND CLAPS!! I’ve been waiting for a Rooney song to more prominently incorporate hand claps, so I’m very pleased.

However, I have to admit that We Are Scientists are the winners here. I think Keith’s vocals in “Rules Don’t Stop Me” are just better, and so are the guitar & drum parts. I could see “I Can’t Get Enough” as a top 40 jam, but “Rules Don’t Stop Me” is the better rock song here. I feel bad comparing the two bands as they come from different rock backgrounds, with Rooney incorporating a greater alt-country influence and We Are Scientists kicking it with the glam rock vibes, but everyone does it at some point with their favorite bands.

edit: I take it back. After more time has passed, I can’t stop listening to the Rooney. I think I made a hasty decision, because this song has been getting 5+ plays every day since I wrote this entry. Rules Don’t Stop Me is almost too short for me to play on loop. INDECISIONS 2010.


29 Mar

If you haven’t noticed, I’m a pathetic fool for Rooney. I’m really not allowed to talk about it around friends but since this is my music blog and I can’t give a rat’s ass for discerning musical preferences, I will speak of it here. I first listened to Rooney via a youtube link from a message board–the topic was about shitty videos. The person said the song, however, was incredibly catchy for a band they didn’t like. I listened to the song, and it also turned out that it was fucking awesome for a band that I, duh, did happen to like.

So now, two Rooney albums later, I sit around anxiously awaiting the upcoming album with the fervor of a wild cheetah on the trail of a wounded gazelle. I caved into the last of internet vices a few days ago–Twitter–so that I may follow RooneyBand ever so scrupulously. Actually the twitter thing was a complete accident (long story) but it sounds more heroic to say that I did it for Rooney. If you measured love of band by amount of shows attended, well, Beach House should be #1 on my list (3) and Rooney would be last (0). BUT I SAY THIS IS NOT SO! Rooney shall not be reduced to such cheap methods of love deduction.

However, I had no idea what heights my levels of Rooneydom could reach until I saw this–Robert Schwartzman’s solo bro-ject: SOLOBOB. Dear God. Watch this video, try not to bust.

fan video for Division Day’s “Surrender”

18 Aug

User terraliminal uploaded a video almost a month ago for a Division Day song called “Surrender.” The video uses footage from the film Hausu (romaji for “house”), which was released in 1977. Division Day’s new album dropped today via Dangerbird records and you can buy it locally via Streetside Records: 4128 Broadway St, Kansas City, MO 64111. I haven’t actually called to see if it’s in stores so here is their phone number: (816) 561-1580.

Division Day is also playing the Replay Lounge in Lawrence on Monday September 14th. It’s 21+
I would really like to go but I’d have to get on all these highways at night and then drive 80 miles roundtrip which sucks when you have eight hours of class the next day starting early in the morning. Basically, I have a rule for if I want to go to shows:

Would I drive that far to see my mom?

not unless it’s an emergency. 🙂 In any case, the video was the first I’d heard any Division Day since Beartrap Island. “Surrender” is really beat-oriented and Rohner Segnitz’s vocals sound modified. He has a beautiful voice so I guess I was a little weirded out by that. It’s not that Division Day don’t have quick tempo songs, but usually they are steeped in guitar and drums and this sounded like it was a remix of a Division Day song. It’s a catchy song but I couldn’t remember the chorus or verse because the instrumentals were so dominant. Chalk Lines is definitely more of the Division Day sound I was expecting. Pretty sweet. Bummed I will miss them at the Replay.

punks fuckin’ jam

1 Sep

click on image for myspace

1. Grand Buffet and Mrs. Paintbrush (two different acts involving Jackson O’Connell). I had heard some Grand Buffet stuff before and still am not fully converted into a believer, but hearing Mrs. Paintbrush is a good way to get back into them. when it comes to Jackson’s independent work, the fluidity in terms of sounds, but also in terms of lyrics, captured my interest. I think his partner in crime, Lord Grunge, has some dynamic beats, but I think the way he executes his verses comes across more as separated declarations, and is a little incongruous with his beats.

And to be completely honest, when I saw Jackson dance to DJs Huck Finn’s & Glenn[electric]’s sets this past friday at the Brillobox…man, this guy has a method to wild performance and I think it will go very well with his slick raps at the Grand Buffet show this upcoming Saturday. Grand Buffet will be opening for Don Caballero at Mr. Small’s (Sept. 6th).

Centipede Eest at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, 8/23
© 2008 Mahsa Borhani

Let’s just say that this show will be very interesting in terms of attendees. Don Caballero, who are from Pittsburgh but now based in Chicago, will draw a bit of an older crowd. Centipede Eest and Don Cab obviously have more in common than Grand Buffet–however–judging from what I saw at the PCA show a week ago, Centipede is more influenced by an ambient noise aesthetic and now that Don Cab has released Punkgasm, I am assuming there will be an even greater diversity between these two acts.

Don Caballero
Centipede Eest
Grand Buffet
@ Mr. Small’s Theatre
9-6-08, 8 PM

2. Black Flag minus Henry Rollins. As much as I enjoy this interview that Rollins did:

it’s much more admirable to see Chuck Dukowski talk about the band and defend them from the ruffian stereotype in this interview at 3:43

Later on in his life, when Chuck talks about how he saw government armed forces wait insidiously as kids gathered to see the show, and then unleashed all of society’s hatred at a moment when they thought they’d eliminate all the voices of this movement–I guess it never really hit me till now how incredulous that can be. If police can freak out about music, then how bad is it going to be when it’s about something that directly addresses the policies and regimes of the government without art as a method for dissemination? Is it worse to see the people around you disappear mysteriously, or is it worse to see them die or be injured in a highly publicized event that society just stares blankly at?

I don’t have any answers to these questions. Yeah the punk rock movement is over. But from an Iranian-American point of view, it is more relevant now than it could ever be. At the time of that interview, Chuck Dukowski was a voice for the kids who couldn’t really speak for themselves, who were letting out their “desperation” in the most primal way they could–a physical oscillation to the constant force of music.

In two months everyone from age 18 and on can speak for our friends in other countries who support democracy and allied federations. I hope everyone is following the ever-frenzied presidential election campaign as close as possible to develop a viewpoint that will help them choose the right candidate.